Home is a web-based tool that enables Systemic Constellation facilitators to easily and intuitively explore client relationships remotely in a safe and secure online environment.  Our App is simple and easy to use so you can focus on the client's issue and not be distracted by technology or complexity.

Please note this is a BETA+ version of the application and is currently optimized to work best with a mouse, keyboard, using the latest versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Future versions may be optimized for laptop touch pads, tablets, and smart phones. The latest version of Adobe Flash player (11.7...) is required.

Here is an instructional Powerpoint document showing key features and login details.


  • Share real-time movement, rotation, and scaling of chips on a virtual "table" seen and controlled by both parties
  • Type identifying names on chips
  • Text Chat for host and client to communicate during a constellation 
  • Fullscreen mode expands the app to fill your computer screen for easy access of all features and to maximize workspace
  • Collapsable menu for more usable workspace
  • International capability and stability designed in
  • Manage your subscription
  • Secure and private
  • No restrictions on number of uses during subscription period
  • Invite one other person into a room to share an online constellation session



(Update:  3/4/14)  Our app designer found and fixed the "invite a guest" problem.  We are now offering the app on a subscriber basis to help cover our monthly server charges.  Audio capability has been disabled due to issues beyond our control. Please use Skype or telephone or some other means of audio communication while using the app simultaneously.  Thank you for your support.

(Update: 1/26/14)  In December, the app was transferred to another server.  At that time, specific functionality was lost for unknown reasons.  Notably, the ability to invite another person to share the screen no longer works.  Until we can resolve this problem, the app will remain online and available for FREE until further notice.  We apologize for this disappointing problem.

(Update: 8/9/13)  Numerous users have reported problems with 2-way audio, most typically that one or both users lose the audio connection.  Our troubleshooting has found no inherent fault or bug within this app.  The problem appears to be due to internet server issues beyond our control.  We recommend using other means to connect by audio while using the app, such as Skype, telephone, or another kind of teleconferencing.  If we are unable to provide 2-way audio robust and trouble free, future versions of this app will probably not include sound capability.